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Yellow Cab


This is the closest analogue for mud shark among Asians. A yellow cab in this context is a promiscuous Asian woman who is used almost exclusively by white men. This phrase was originally used by Japanese Americans, whose numbers have been on the decline for decades. Yellow cabs are all too common and destroy foreign Asian populations from the inside out.

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Immediate Social Utility


In light of Peter Thiel's claim that innovation in tech is dying, the winner of the TechCrunch Disrupt Cup at SF 2011 could not have supported his argument better. Having attended most of the startup battlefield sessions, I could not remember a single one that attempted to solve a difficult problem. I have my own theory on why tech is stagnating though, and that is because there is too much focus on immediate social utility without foresight into long-term impacts of revolutionary technologies.

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Asian Outmarriage and Mate Guarding


I want to bring up a historical example to which there is no analogy among Asians. In the late 19th century, the public rationale for the lynchings of black men in the southern US was driven by the perception that black men were raping white women in epidemic numbers. However, it is not only black men who have been discriminated against in this manner, Chinese immigrants who built railroads around the same era were accused of running opium dens, intoxicating white women and sleeping with them. There is myth and reality to these accusations, but the point is that whites have the audacity to guard their pool of potential mates, Asians do not.

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Outmarriage Is Cultural Failure


Interracial relationships are so heavily discussed in the Asian American blogosphere, particularly the high outmarriage rates of Asian American women to white men. The overarching trend that Asian Americans seem to be missing is the failure of Asian America as a community and its inability to sustain itself.

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Man's Worst Addictions


Pussy and female approval are man's worst addictions. Given a choice, I doubt that most men could give up the joys of sex for utmost freedom, like a junkie unable to give up drugs. That is hypothetically speaking of course, because men do not have such a choice, most of us are chained to our base desires.

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A Society in Decline Ceases to Create Value


At all levels of a society in decline, value transferrence trumps value creation in terms of income. Lawyers, advertisers, bankers, politicians, do not create value. If these people disappeared, would anything of value be lost? No, but we have something to gain from the removal of these leeches. It would mean the end of frivolous legalism, mindless consumerism, and collusion of corporations with government.

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Internet White Knights


Here's what most men don't get: if a man is accused of "raping his girlfriend," she shouldn't be considered a girlfriend to begin with! Internet white knights scramble to the woman's defense, as every other hapless, supplicating male supports them. When will they wake up and realize that when women don't uphold their end of the relationship, it suddenly becomes the man's fault? Why is this?

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Game Is Female Behaviour Emulation


Narcissism, thrill-seeking, deceitfulness — the dark triad. Players exhibit these traits with finesse and charisma. Their female counterparts have it ingrained in their psyches. The dark triad exhibits itself in different ways among females, such as camwhoring, seeking newer and more exciting cock men on a whim, cuckolding, etc. What players do is merely emulate or mold themselves to cater to the desires of women.

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