In Defense of Chic Nihilism

Modern technological progress
masks societal decay.
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In Defense of Chic Nihilism

There is a virulent strain of nihilism spreading in the wild that postulates that life outcomes are largely predetermined, and little to no action can be taken to improve it. It may come in various forms, such as fatalism, race realism, lookism, incel culture, the black pill, all of which are detestable in mainstream discourse. These are antithetical to societal values in which actions and morality determine positive outcomes, which does not take much effort to dismantle. The detractors have something in common: opposition to nihilism in all its forms is based on depriving one's will, to manipulate and extract as much value as possible.

People at every level of the social strata desire like and respect, all the way down to the lowest levels. These people should be treated with great caution, due to their deceitful nature. They are more vested in pretty lies than reality, and interested in conformity at any cost due to the perceived benefits. This behavior is exhibited by gang members who demand respect in exchange for not assaulting you, and likewise in academic con men intellectuals who manufacture acceptable opinions to have, in exchange for an expensive piece of paper.

The policing of thoughts and imposing self-censorship can be seen as an attack on one's own sovereignty. People are generally malleable, subservient, and have an urge to fit in, much more than they are wiling to admit. Macho posturing serves to delude oneself otherwise. In previous eras, there may have been evolutionary advantages to belonging to the tribe, but this is increasingly irrelevant in contemporary, atomized society. Virtue signalling, obsession with image, parroting fashionable memes, are desperate attempts to cling on to this vestigial behavior.

Global fertility rates have been on an irreversible decline, which correlates with the expansion of the definition of a loser. When society disenfranchises a large group of losers, they no longer feel obligated to play by its rules. Humanity has no viable future at this rate, not even religious fundamentalism can overcome modernity. No amount of moral posturing will materialize traditional wives and mothers out of thin air.

The future is antihuman. Capital transmutes human connections into transactions, people continue to exist only as machines to be used. Love works as nature intended: a process by which inferior specimens are culled. Technology accelerates the process of social decay, there can only be hope after the wholesale destruction of social mores. Technical solutions would be sufficient: asexual, immortal beings as envisioned by Houellebecq in The Elementary Particles, artificial wombs, sex robots, cybernetic bodies without organs. is coming away in ragged scraps, exposing something beyond masculinity, beyond humanity, beyond life. Patches of mottled technoderm woven with electronics are emerging. Daddy and mummy means nothing anymore. You scrape away your face and step into the dark... — Nick Land, Meat (or How to Kill Oedipus in Cyberspace)