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I will expound upon a realpolitik on the social contract: history has shown that every time, young low-status males are overwhelmingly responsible for revolution, and that their grievances are justified. Society must provide value to its lowest members, in order for it to remain functional. The recent Parkland shooting, Toronto van attack, and Santa Fe shooting, demonstrate what happens when this ultimatum is violated. When a society provides marginal to negative value in return to its lowest constituents, reciprocal behavior can be expected.

The question should not be why do these “senseless” killings happen, but rather why they do not happen with more frequency. The proliferation of high-quality pornography and displacement activities such as video games have placated the masses of young, low-status males, for whom access to sex and relationships are more restricted now than ever, and meaningful work is out of reach. There would be a spree killing every day if not for this contemporary bread and circuses to appease them. Therefore, it is no small miracle that the vast majority of low-status males do not and likely will never seek retribution for their position in life. However, it is sensational when someone finally snaps and decides to pump lead into people at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The 2014 Isla Vista killings was a watershed moment in my life. Not only was his manifesto a cultural milestone, but it was written near the school I attended, University of California, Santa Barbara. It was among the first killings which made it clear beyond a doubt that sexual access was the primary motive. Mainstream narratives may blame his mental health or gun rights as the cause, but it is evident that the perpetrator acted in a rational manner and access to firearms was not even a relevant factor for some of the casualties.

Elliot Rodger was definitively, a sexual loser. The mating game is a zero-sum game, with winners and losers on each side. For every winner, there is a loser, but it is worse than that. For every winner, there are many more losers, since the top males monopolize females, leaving only leftovers for the majority of males. Hence, Elliot Rodger plays the role of the everyman, and the antihero to this cultural narrative. In the 'kwa, with it's violent and warfaring past, killing is just a cultural pastime, a bloodsport. There is no coincidence that spree killings are concentrated in this land, which itself was seized forcibly from its native inhabitants. Violence is in the cultural DNA. That is how the game is played here: predator, or prey. It's also no coincidence that Elliot's father was a director on the Hunger Games film, which depicts young people slaughtering each other.

What has largely been ignored or considered just a footnote, is his biracial ethnicity. Elliot displays self-loathing for his Malaysian Chinese half, as evidenced by his revulsion to seeing an Asian male merely talking to a white female. This contradicted his perceived sexual dominance hierarchy, with Asians being at the very bottom for males, and whites at the very top for both males and females. This was not only in Elliot's head, but subconsciously imprinted by western cultures. He had internalized self-racism, which is all too common among Asians, male and female alike. Yet another reason why spree killings do not happen with more frequency, is many eager, self-hating Asian females willing to sexually satisfy loser white males. And yet, Elliot Rodger was unable to capitalize on his (half) white male privlege, which led him to seek revenge.

I would put forth some (un)popular sentiment that prostitution should be legalized or that girlfriends should be assigned to low-status males somehow, but these are merely band-aids applied to a bullet wound, pun intended. A long-term solution would involve making life better for the majority of males, but the contemporary Amerikwa has decided to continually degrade them while attempting to extract more value out of them. It should be apparent that such an arrangement is not sustainable over any considerable period of time.

I do not condone Elliot Rodger's actions, and I have a biological imperative to defend the three innocent Chinese males that he killed. However, without condoning his actions, I will say that I understand.